Quakebook will be in print – a real book

25 Apr

First, the good news. In fact, really great news.

1. Amazon has agreed to print a real book of 2:46 – Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake.
2. They are going to release an ebook in Japanese, and a print version.
3. And the same in German.

All money raised will go to the Japanese Red Cross. All money – not “after costs” (and there are many when you are talking about printing colour books in multiple languages and distributing them around the world); not “after Amazon takes a cut” (they don’t); not “after Quakebook takes our cut” (we don’t). Depending on where you live, your government may charge tax – sorry that’s beyond even Quakebook’s powers to avoid, but know this:

The only people who gain from the purchase of the book are the people suffering in Japan.

Let me repeat: 100% of the money goes to the Japanese Red Cross. None of us involved in this is making a penny from it. And that’s just the way we all want it. It’s the promise I made to every contributor, every person who buys a copy, and to the survivors of the earthquake. This book tells their story, so it’s only right that they should reap all the rewards.

And now the bad news – the news cycle.

Frankly, Japan has dropped down the list of top stories. The world listened when we said we have created a compelling book in one week. Then, the world waited and bought the ebook – making it the No. 4 top selling non-fiction book on Amazon that week – just through word of mouth. And now we must grab the world’s attention for a third time – to buy the paperback book.

That’s a tough call, but also know this: we will get the world’s gaze once more. I have some ideas that I will outline in the coming days to win the war of attention. It’s a war we must win. And we shall.


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